Continuous Quality Improvement for Home Visiting Programs

December 4, 2019
Group of home visiting programs

Home Visiting programs in the Home Visiting Services Account (HVSA) recently got a chance for a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) deep dive. DCYF-funded home visiting programs from across the state, came together at the fall All HVSA meeting in SeaTac for a full-day meeting that included an emphasis on CQI work.

Programs have spent much of the last year working on PDSAs (Plan – Do – Study – Act) as a way to learn and improve on service delivery and outcomes. Programs shared their own CQI projects of the last year in storyboards and sharing with the group. They also participated in breakout groups on data collection topics like Family Retention, Caregiver Depression, Consent, Data Dashboards, Long Term Data Systems and well as discussions about Workforce/FAN and Performance-Based Contracting.

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