DCYF Launches Parkland Satellite Office

January 27, 2020
parkland office

Earlier this month, DCYF dedicated dozens of staff to the Parkland area.

Though there is not a physical office just yet, a team of around 57 staff are now dedicated to serving the Parkland community in Pierce County.

Staff came together on January 10 to celebrate the launch of this satellite office with a space-themed get-together.

Parkland Office Area Administrator Dawn M. Cooper says the launch of a Parkland team was to alleviate the workload for the other area administrators and their staff.

"With the new office, we are able to reduce the number of children and families served in the offices," explained Joel Odimba, regional administrator for Region 5. "DCYF is more able to serve families closer to where they live and partner more closely with those families, providers and community agencies in catchment areas."

Staff will continue to sit in offices throughout the region until the agency opens a building in Parkland.

“It was important to bring staff together to feel like a team,” said Cooper.

DCYF facilities projects the Parkland office building could be in place within two to three years, depending on funding and other factors.