DCYF Shares Gratitude for Caregivers During Foster Care Month

May 1, 2024
Portrait of smiling African American mother hugging two little daughters, multiracial family concept, sitting on cozy couch in living room, posing for photo, looking at camera, adopted child

Every May, the nation celebrates the dedicated and compassionate individuals who open their homes and hearts for children and youth in out-of-home care. 

Caregivers make it possible for dependent children and youth:

  • To have a safe, loving, temporary home
  • To stay in their school and connected to their parents and siblings
  • To feel comfort and emotional support during a traumatic time

There are currently around 5,500 children and youth in foster care in Washington State — the lowest DCYF has seen in 40 years. While the goal is that no child has to be placed outside of their home, DCYF is grateful to the various caregivers that provide these children and youth with a comfortable place to land when they need it.

"I know from my child welfare experience the importance of caregivers and the critical role they play in helping families thrive," said Natalie Green, DCYF's Assistant Secretary of Child Welfare. "Whether you are a foster parent or kinship caregiver, your empathy and caring in times of sadness and joy and the selfless dedication and sharing of yourself and your home makes you an essential partner in our work with children and families."

This year’s Foster Care Month theme is “Engaging Youth, Building Supports, Strengthening Opportunities” focused on supporting children and youth as they transition into adulthood. Caregivers not only create a safe space for children and youth during a difficult time in their life, but their relationship continues long after as they become a natural support for these youth on their journey.

Thank you to everyone who has fostered a child, youth or young adult for all you’ve done and continue to do for the children, youth, and families in Washington State. 

Learn more about becoming a Foster Parent. 

Gov. Jay Inslee's 2024 Foster Care Month Proclamation