Fair Start for Kids Act Helps Fund New Design Work

August 24, 2022
group of adults

Trauma-Informed Care

DCYF held two Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) provider design sessions in June, co-facilitated with Imagine Learning. The groups met for four hours to decide how best to provide trauma-informed support to early childhood professionals.

The design group made several recommendations related to needed training content and agreed upon a tiered financial award structure to compensate individual providers who complete TIC training. Providers also proposed a novel idea to compensate professionals for their time in the field while also recognizing earned college credits.

Recommendations for other supports from the design group also included those to help providers serve children and families who have experienced trauma, including books and toys to help calm children having trauma responses. 

Dual Language Designation

DCYF co-facilitated provider design sessions with Child Care Aware (CCA Central and CCA King/Pierce) in late May. The groups met for five hours to review the Dual Language (DL) Standards draft and share ideas and recommendations for the DL Standards.

The provider design group also deliberated on meaningful award amounts and other parameters for designated programs. Parameters include designation tiers, requirements for each tier, and award amounts per tier.

DCYF met with Cultivate Learning to review the DL Standards in late July and hopes to finalize the publication and post for external audiences in late summer or early fall.