Former Youth of Green Hill School Advocate for Reforms in the Juvenile Justice System

September 30, 2019
Green Hill Youth

Former youth of Green Hill School (GHS) return to encourage community and agency leaders to continue their work for better and improved reforms in the juvenile justice system. At this year's Pursuit for Change panel, youth shared powerful stories of troubled past overcome by a will to transform their lives, some who had as recently as six months ago were released from GHS. A special guest, a 40-year old former resident at GHS in the late 90’s who is a motivational speaker, performer, and successful professional described his transformation and shared his wisdom with the youth. 

Each year, GHS hosts the annual Pursuit for Change panel. Former students share their stories to inspire current residents and show them that there is a different life available even after facing major challenges. The work of Green Hill staff is often in the stories shared by the youth, in that a counselor really took the time to listen to them and provide supports that they had not experienced. The Pursuit for Change showcases the programs and ongoing work of GHS staff to empower and to positively impact the lives of the youth at GHS.