JR Young People Hear from 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'

April 24, 2024
Church group

Juvenile rehabilitation (JR) provides spiritual and faith-based programming for those young people who are interested and feel it will aid in their care.  On Apr. 7, 2024, two JR Counselors and three young men from the Canyon View Community Facility attended a community event at a church in Wenatchee. At the event, the TV Star Duane Chapman, best known as “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” and his wife spoke about their Christian faith and how it has turned their life around. The young men enjoyed every moment of this event and were inspired by Dog’s testimony. 

One of the young men expressed his feelings about the event, saying, “Getting to see and hear Dog’s story and how he got through his trials and tribulations was inspiring.”  

The event included a welcoming atmosphere, with one pastor saying, “No perfect people allowed.” This environment encouraged our young people to reflect on their lives and consider their future paths. 

One young man mentioned that “now [they] will pray for people’s health.”

Although meeting Duane Chapman impacted the young people, it was also a valuable experience to be welcomed into the Wenatchee Community and create connections with a community organization that can provide support once they leave JR. Our JR counselors work hard to provide opportunities for young people to connect with communities through faith-based organizations, community partners, and events.