Juvenile Rehabilitation Launches Recruitment Video

July 11, 2022
A woman walking on the Green Hill School campus with the words "Juvenile Rehabilitation: Creating Bright Futures

DCYF's Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) recently launched its first recruitment video as part of the division's larger hiring and retention goals. Part of this work has been to reshape the narrative of what working in JR looks like and define the type of people who would excel in the JR workspace.

“We know that we need to attract not just employees, but team members that our staff and youth are proud to work with,” said JR Assistant Secretary Felice Upton.  

In this recruitment video, you’ll get a clear look at JR’s vision and hear directly from staff on why they do this critical and deeply rewarding work, what keeps them here, and who should apply.

Please share the video link with anyone interested in exploring an exciting career working with young people in JR!