Juvenile Rehabilitation Parole Transforms Office with Diversity Collage

November 19, 2019
equity collage

The DCYF King Street Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) Parole Office has transformed its walls with equality-centered collages.

As part of their eQuality Project, staff created an equality board that provides resources for staff and youth, and includes a collage featuring people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. Over time, what began as a handful of images from one staff member became an entire wall dedicated to honoring diversity, equity and inclusion work.

“The mural represents music, culture – so many different things – and it’s still growing,” says Ryan Pinto, administrator at the Seattle and Everett parole offices.

We’re proud of the work our JR team is doing to create inclusive space and we encourage anyone visiting the King Street JR Parole Office to stop by the collage wall and appreciate its powerful message.