Seattle Caseworker Recognized

January 22, 2020
Denisse Diaz in the Seattle office.

For the last four months, Denisse Diaz, a caseworker out of the West Seattle office, has not let her fractured toe stop her from continuing to provide services to her clients.

Diaz, a Child Protective Services (CPS) Family Assessment Response (FAR) caseworker, continues to head to the courthouse to file paperwork, visit clients and provide assessments, all while in a walking boot.

“When a report comes in and we have to respond out on the field, it involves going upstairs, walking at schools and hospitals,” she explained. “We’re on the front lines.”

Knowing that her absence would negatively affect the caseload of her team, she felt she needed to ‘step up.’ Diaz continued to manage around 18 cases per month.

Assistant Secretary of Child Welfare Field Operations Kwesi Booker noticed Diaz’ boot during a recent visit to the office.

“I’m very pleased to see your passion for our work,” he told Diaz. “Even with a broken toe, Denisse has been accepting new case assignments and going into the field on a continuous basis to assess the safety of our children.”

Diaz said she understands the need to take it is easy but pointed to the reason for her dedication.

“I do it for our clients,” she explained.

Thank you, Denisse, for your dedication and loyalty to the children, youth and families of the state of Washington!