Siblings Adopted by Out-of-State Family Members

June 3, 2020
adopted siblings

After spending 948 days in foster care, Christopher Hankins, 5, and De’Andre Porter, 7, were officially adopted by relatives living in Michigan.

Prior to their May 22 adoption, the half-siblings lived in approximately 10 different foster homes. The primary reason for the multiple placement changes was due to the severe emotional and behavioral issues. After approval from the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC), the two boys were placed with their great aunt and uncle in Michigan in August 2019. 

The trauma these boys carried was evident, but after the relative caregivers began showing their commitment and love to these children, the boys began to recover.

“I believe this is a story of love and commitment and not just by this awesome family who has opened their hearts and homes to Christopher and De’Andre. This successful outcome is also credited to all DCYF line workers and the others who have worked behind the scenes,” explained Rob Jones, the adoption social worker assigned to the case.

Jones says the boys would constantly ask him when they would get adopted.

“My answer, up until last week, was ‘soon, very soon,’” recalls Jones. “Now, I can finally say, ‘Now, Very Now….you guys are adopted!’”