Walla Walla Social Worker Recognized for Work Ethic, Teamwork

July 15, 2019
Katie Johnston, a social worker

Katie Johnson. a social worker in Region 2, was recognized for the ways she interacts with families and takes early actions to address safety and permanency.

In addition to conducting her own shared planning meetings, Christie Funkhouser, a meeting facilitator in Region 2, said Katie recently filled in for social workers who were on leave.

“You would not have known which of the meetings was actually a case she was assigned to because she gave her best at all three meetings,” said Christie.

During the meetings, Katie discussed safety concerns and permanency. She was ready and willing to discuss the safety concerns and what is being looked at for return home. 

“I have done other meetings with Katie and really admire her kind yet upfront way she engages families,” said Funkhouser. “She has that unique quality of being direct and transparent in a non-threatening way.”

During emotional meetings with parents who had strong feelings about their children’s removal, Katie was able to keep the parents engaged and took some immediate follow up actions, despite it not being her case.

“Working with Katie was a good reminder that although we are individual workers, we represent the department as a whole,” said Christie. “In so doing, we share these families and kids - they are our responsibility collectively. Katie is one of the shining examples of our department.”

Great work, Katie!