Types of Children

Children available for adoption through DSHS reside in foster care or relative care and are unable to be reunited with their birth parents. Children placed in out-of-home care may have been abused (physical/sexual) and/or neglected. The children:

  • Range in age.
  • Boys and girls.
  • May be part of a sibling group (2 or more).
  • Represent diverse ethnic and cultural populations.
  • May have medical, mental and/or physical health issues.
  • May have developmental delays.
  • May have developmental disabilities.
  • May have been exposed to drug and alcohol use/abuse.

Private Adoption

​The children available for adoption from private adoption agencies are:

  • Healthy infants and young children.
  • Children from other countries.
  • Special needs children.
  • Children placed in foster care.

Independent Adoption

The children available for adoption from independent adoption agencies are:

  • Healthy infants.
  • Step-children.
  • Children from other countries.
  • Relative adoptions.
  • Other non-agency placements.