Early Learning Facility (ELF) Development Process

Facility development is the process of planning, designing, and building early learning facilities. The facility development process is shaped by a project’s unique characteristics. A successful project results in the expansion, renovation, or construction of a high-quality early learning facility.

Site analysis and feasibility studies help determine the suitability of a site for an early learning program and the feasibility of meeting the program goals and successfully completing the project. The design of the early learning facility is based on the program’s needs, goals, and finances. Design results in approved construction drawings and written specifications which are used by a contractor to build the early learning facility. These facility development processes often overlap and require effective interaction and collaboration between construction professionals and early learning professionals.

Early learning professionals must determine the goals for their project based on a realistic review of their program’s finances and their organization’s capacity. The knowledge and experience of early learning professionals must guide the team of construction professionals in developing spaces that work to best meet the needs of the children, staff, and parents.

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