Education & Equivalents

Early Childhood Education Stackable Certificates

If your role lists required education, the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Stackable Certificates might be an option for you. Print-out the Stackables Certificates guide.  

  • Stackable Certificates build on one another.
  • They lead into an associate degree in ECE and beyond.
  • They’re offered throughout the state and are available in-person and online. 


Providers have multiple options (Equivalent Options for Education Chart), known as 'equivalents,' for meeting the educational requirements for licensing standards (WAC 110-300-0100).

Equivalent options may include experience, training, or other educational college or credits. A complete list of equivalents includes:


Providers hired before August 1, 2019: House Bill 2556 extended the timeline for existing early learning providers until Aug. 1, 2026.

Providers hired after August 1, 2019: Early learning providers have five years from their date of hire or promotion to meet the full education staff qualifications requirements.