Your Cover Letter – A Style Guide

  1. Be direct. Your cover letter is a great opportunity to let the employer know what you can do for them. Focus your letter on the primary reasons why you are perfect for the job.
  2. Be determined. An outstanding cover letter takes time but the results of your labors will be rewarded with the employer’s interest. Write several drafts, if necessary, to reach the point where you have said everything as smoothly as possible.
  3. Be selfless. Write your letter in a way that shows how you want to benefit the company instead of going on at length about how this job will fulfill your personal goals.
  4. Watch your tone. Be courteous and confident. Don’t hold back on discussing your qualifications, but be aware of bragging or exaggerating. Your respectful tone, self-confidence and positive language will win them over.
  5. Be professional. Type the letter on quality white paper or personal letterhead that matches your resume. You can use your furry friends and butterfly stationary another time.
  6. Be correct. Check your spelling and grammar carefully. If it is possible, ask a friend in the industry to read over your letter before you send it.
  7. Make it short. Keep it under a page but make sure it contains enough information in it so that the reader will be impressed with your writing skills as they consider your resume for the position you have shown interest in.
  8. Be knowledgeable. Read as many sample cover letters as possible for your field to get a handle on the language that will show your knowledge of the industry.
  9. Be discrete. Leave out anything that may create a negative impression of your past work situations.