Getting Medical Records

Your social worker is required to provide you with a copy of your medical records when you exit care. The medical records should contain information about all medical care you received while in the care and custody of DCYF.

Important things you should check to make sure the records include:

  • The name, phone number and address for your primary physician (the doctor you were seeing regularly while in the care of DCYF).
  • The name, phone number and address of any other doctors or medical facilities from which you received on-going medical treatment.

Keep this information in a safe place with all other important personal documents.

AHCC members at age 18 can create a member account and log in to the Coordinated Care member portal to access your healthcare info.

Not online? No problem! The AHCC health care coordination team is available by phone to answer questions about services received as an AHCC member, such as doctors seen, medical conditions, hospital stays, immunizations, and medications. Call the Health Care Coordination team at 1-844-354-9876.