Interview Preparation

  1. Be focused. Practice your answers and keep them focused on the job at hand. Show the match between your skills, accomplishments, and this job.
  2. Rehearse your route. Drive, take the bus, or walk to the place of the interview beforehand so you are sure you know where it is and how long it takes to get there.
  3. Set an alarm or write a reminder for yourself to make sure you don’t miss it.
  4. Arrive early (10 or 15 minutes). This way you have some time to get used to the environment and relax.
  5. Dress neat and professional even if it seems to be a casual work environment. This helps to show your respect for the employer.
  6. Be nice to the receptionist! Often employers will check with the receptionist to see who was considerate. Being rude to the receptionist is a good way to lose the job.
  7. Make eye contact. It shows the employer that you are confident and trustworthy. (Even though it may be only shyness on your part.)
  8. Be real. You should prepare to present the BEST you in relation to this job, but it is still the REAL you.
  9. Be positive. Don’t ever say negative things about yourself, a former job, a supervisor, an employer, or anything!