Thank You Letters

Don’t you love it when people say thank you? Even a two-line thank you note will show the employer how courteous you are and help you be remembered. Talk about bang for your buck… follow the tips below to write a follow-up letter or thank you note that will help you get the job you want!

  1. Say thanks: If you don’t have a lot of time, just say thank you. People love this! Besides, it’s good manners.
  2. Be thoughtful: Send a unique note to each person in the interview or meeting. Your kindness will be remembered.
  3. Be brief: A few lines might do nicely. Don’t make it more than a half a page unless you have some really great things to say.
  4. Be speedy: Send it in the mail the same or next day if it is a job interview and you want to get it to them before they make a decision.
  5. Express yourself: If you are enthusiastic about the position and the company, say so. Don’t hold back.
  6. Be personal: Mention a part of the discussion you enjoyed. Tell the interviewer how great it was to find someone else who collects Elvis stamps.
  7. Be brilliant: Now is your chance to say it right. You can add any brilliant ideas that you, so conveniently, thought of just after you left the interview in your follow-up letter. You could also direct them to any resources, ideas, or people that you think could help them.
  8. Follow up: Offer them something like another meeting, a resume, or mention a date that you will contact them.
  9. Be professional: Run the letter by a friend who will proofread it for tone, spelling, and grammar. Type the letter or write the note using your best handwriting on quality stationary or resume paper.
  10. Be real: You don’t want to give them a hard sales pitch or gush on endlessly.