Tips to Keep Your Housing

Pay Your Rent on Time

Paying rent on time is very important in maintaining housing. If the landlord charges a late fee, it can cost a lot of money if the rent is routinely paid late. Paying rent on time will also keep you in good standing with your landlord. Tenants should keep in mind that a landlord is legally entitled to serve a “3 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate,” which is the first step towards an eviction as soon as a tenant is late with the rent. Lastly, if you have roommates and your roommates don’t pay their rent, you can be evicted.

Follow the Rules and Terms of the Lease Agreement

The lease outlines basic expectations that the landlord has of all tenants such as not disturbing other tenants, not damaging the property, and not engaging in illegal activities on the property. Following these guidelines will also help maintain good relationships with your neighbors.