Write a Great Resume With Little or No Job Experience

Here’s how to create a resume that will get an interview.

Know Your Skills

Employers are interested in your skills. If you don’t know what kinds of skills you have to offer employers read Discover Your Skills.

Know the Employer’s Needs

Get a job description from the employer. (It’s ok to ask for one). This is a great way to find out what they need.

Present with Power

Be impressive: Dazzle your future employer with actual accomplishments. Instead of “announced the blue light specials,” try, “used sales ability to move over $5,000 of merchandise weekly.”

Be targeted: Feature your skills that match those in the job description and use the same words in your resume that the employer is using. For example, if the job description is looking for someone with “outstanding problem resolution skills,” your resume should state that you have “outstanding problem resolution skills” and be prepared to give an example. Read Discover Your Skills to get help creating examples.

Be positive: Your resume is not a place to discuss your weaknesses. When was the last time you heard a fruit salesman shouting: “Come and get your slightly bruised, week old, chemically enhanced cherries!”

Be exclusive: Leave out things like salary requirements, references, personal information (like height, weight, age, children, etc.), and the reason for leaving your last job. References should be ready at the interview.

Be professional: Describe your hobbies and interests only if you think it will help you get an interview. For instance, if you are applying for a sales job at a cooking magazine and you love to cook, say so! When in doubt leave it out.

Be fussy: Proofread your resume and have others check it over to make it excellent. Print out your resume using a laser printer and quality white paper to match your cover letter. Only the best will do!