Five Ways to Take Action During Youth Justice Action Month

October 10, 2022
Graphic with five ways to take action during youth justice action month

Hosted by the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) and the National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN), October is Youth Justice Action Month (YJAM) – a month where advocates come together to organize events and online activities to raise awareness and inspire action on behalf of young people impacted by the justice system.

Young people who end up in the juvenile justice system are often acting out of survival or coping with the traumatic and toxic stress in their environment, particularly youth of color, who are disproportionately impacted. It’s critical for adults and communities to hear their stories and come together to advocate for changes in the justice system.

Here are five ways you can get involved and take action for YJAM:

  1. Read the White House proclamation
  2. Attend a YJAM event
  3. Post to social media (#YJAM2022)
  4. Volunteer at a JR facility
  5. Subscribe to the JR newsletter

Learn more about YJAM and other ways to take action at