Policy Studies

Current Activities

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History & Authorization

During the 2023 Legislative Session, the WA State Legislature directed the WA-PCJJ to study the following three policy areas: State-funded Community Compensation, Juvenile Records, and Raise the Age.  The directive from the Legislature to the WA-PCJJ can be found in ESSB 5187 on pages 396 & 397.

The Legislature instructed the Council to produce reports and recommendations for each policy area through broad community and system partner engagement, research and data analysis, consideration of brain science, best practices, and the potential impacts on recidivism and racial equity.

The funding allocation authorizes OJJ to hire a full-time staff to manage the three policy projects, contract with technical assistance providers, and provide compensation to those with lived experience who provide their expertise to the Council through our intentional community engagement process.


In addition to the direction to produce the reports, the State Legislature identified the following community and system partners to be engaged with across the three policy areas. 

  1. Superior Court Judges Association
  2. Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators
  3. Washington Association of County Clerks
  4. Association of Washington Counties
  5. Community-based organizations with expertise in legal financial obligation reform, community compensation funds, supporting victims and survivors of crime, or supporting youth who have been convicted or adjudicated of criminal offenses
  6. Law enforcement
  7. Prosecutors
  8. Public defenders
  9. Incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth and young adults
  10. Administrative Office of the Courts
  11. Crime Victims Compensation Program
  12. Office of Crime Victims Advocacy

This list is not exhaustive, and the Council is permitted to expand the representation of community partnership beyond the list above.  If you are interested in participating in any of the workgroups for these policy projects, please contact Heidi Sadri, Policy Studies Manager, at heidi.sadri@dcyf.wa.gov.