Expansion of Services

Expansion of ECEAP services in communities across the state is occurring yearly until 2026-2027. By that time, the State Legislature has determined that “any eligible child shall be entitled to be enrolled” in ECEAP (RCW 43.216.556 (5).

DCYF is working to integrate ECLIPSE services with Early ECEAP/ECEAP programming for children who are referred to ECEAP by DCYF social workers, primary care physicians, public health nurses, or Department of Social and Health Services social workers who have identified children who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

This section includes documents related to the Request for Application and an overview of ECEAP that can be used to initiate conversations with potential subcontractors.

2023-2024 Comprehensive Early Learning Services Request for Application (RFA)

The DCYF ECEAP RFA is now a combined application for ECEAP, B-3 ECEAP and ECLIPSE services.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

In order for an Application to be reviewed and scored, an Applicant must:

  • Be licensed to do business in the state of Washington.
  • Plan to serve a minimum of 75 slots, including existing ECEAP slots, B-3 ECEAP, Head Start slots, tribally-funded preschool slots and slots requested through this application.
    • Exception: Current ECEAP contractors are exempt from this requirement.
    • Exception: Tribal sovereign nations’ application may also be considered if slot totals are under 75 slots.
  • Be a current ECEAP or Early ECEAP Contractor if applying for ECLISPE layered funds.
  • Submit a completed Application in accordance with the RFA.
  • Please note: New organizations, including licensed child care centers and family child care homes, interested in providing less than 75 preschool slots or only part of ECEAP services, such as a preschool classroom experience, should coordinate with a current or prospective ECEAP contractor in their vicinity to discuss the possibility of becoming an ECEAP subcontractor working under that ECEAP contractor. Please do not apply through this survey if applying for fewer than 75 slots. You may email dcyf.eceap@dcyf.wa.gov for more information.

Please see the Comprehensive RFA Guide below for guidance.

The Initial Application Period for the Comprehensive Early Learning Services RFA is now closed. If you have applied through the survey, an email with details of next steps will be sent on or near February 6. If you missed the initial application period, you can email dcyf.eceap@dcyf.wa.gov for information on next year’s RFA. Please note, links below are for reference only. Services Applications packets will be sent via the email provided to DCYF through your initial application. Thank you for your interest and time.

RFA Office Hours