Expansion of Services

Expansion of ECEAP services in communities across the state is occurring yearly until 2022-2023. By that time, the State Legislature has determined that “any eligible child shall be entitled to be enrolled in the program “as codified in RCW 43.216.556 (Sec. 5).

This section includes documents related to the Request for Application and an overview of ECEAP that can be used to initiate conversations with potential subcontractors.

Request for Application (RFA)

RFA Materials

ECEAP Request for Application

Exhibit A Application Form *Revised

Exhibit B Letters of Support and Collaboration

Exhibit C Coordination with Neighboring Organizations

Exhibit D Budget *Revised

Exhibit E Proposed Sites *Revised

Exhibit F Certifications and Assurances


RFA Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Addendum #1 RFA Questions and Answers

Addendum #2 RFA Questions and Answers

Addendum #3 RFA Questions and Answers *NEW

Addendum #4 RFA Questions and Answers *NEW

Example Exhibit D *NEW

ECEAP Applicants Webinars

ECEAP Applicants Webinar – Tribal Applicants

ECEAP Applicants Webinar – Introduction and Exhibit A

ECEAP Applicants Webinar – Exhibits C and D

ECEAP Applicants Webinar – Exhibit E

Call for Parent/Guardian Scorers for the RFA

Call for Scorers: English | Spanish | Somali

Information for Potential Subcontractors

ABCs of ECEAP - Coming Soon