COVID-19 Relief Aid

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

Foster parents will receive stimulus checks for their foster children if they claimed those children on their tax returns.  The stimulus checks, as we understand it, will be based upon either 2018 or 2019 tax returns, depending on if the filer has filed 2019 returns or not.  Foster parents may claim a foster child on their taxes if they meet a number of criteria:

  • Child was placed with them for the majority (over 6 months) of the tax year
  • Child is under the age of 19 at the end of the year or under 24 if a full-time college student for at least 5 months of the year or a permanently totally disabled person during the year.
  • Child or youth didn’t provide more than 50 percent of their own support and maintenance payments don’t count in this calculation.

This may result in situations where a foster parent receives funds for a child no longer placed with them or a foster parent has a placement but does not receive funds for them.  This is being handled at the federal level and therefore we do not have much control or influence on the process.

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