Practice Improvement Task Forces

In order to provide recommendations for business decision-making that will guide development of the Foster Care Provider Portal functionality and support sustainability and consistency of the foster care licensing system, the following taskforce structure was organized and implemented:

Establish nine taskforce groups with the focus on the specific component of the licensing process.

  1. Inquiries/Recruitment/Retention
  2. General Licensing
  3. Adoption
  4. CPA Homes
  5. CPA Agency Licenses
  6. Group Care Facilities
  7. Caregiver Engagement Unit
  8. Home Study
  9. Maintenance/Investigations

The outcome of each task force was to develop a modernized workflow process, identify recommended changes to policies and procedures, and finally to define resolutions to the specific workflow that satisfy RCW, WAC and/or policy. 

Task Force Summaries

It is important that we all take a moment and appreciate and thank those teammates that put in the time to represent different roles, teams and different voices in our important work. If you get a chance, please reach out and thank the folks who participated in this project.