Ounce Washington is DCYF's partner in administering Home Visiting, supporting programs to achieve model fidelity and program quality.

Visit Start Early's Implementation HUB webpage to learn about the types of technical assistance offered.

Every year, HVSA programs complete a Self-Reflection in partnership with Ounce to guide technical assistance and training for the year.


ACEs: Adverse Childhood Experiences harm children’s developing brains. Each person can take a 10-question survey to determine his or her ACE score. ACEs are risk factors, not determinants.

There are ways to engage the ACEs questionnaire as a home visitor without causing distress or harm. Request a copy of NEAR@Home toolkit from our partner Ounce.

CDC ACEs Study

Resilience Trumps ACEs

Other Training

ACEs and Public Health Practice

Domestic Violence training for Home Visitors 1.11.17

HOME Inventory 1.18.17

Marijuana Use While Pregnant & Breastfeeding Webinar | PowerPoint Presentation