Exception to Rule for Electronic Attendance

We understand there are cases where it is difficult for providers to use any electronic attendance system. If you have looked into options for using an electronic attendance system and find that you are unable to comply with the requirements, please review the following information:

What is a Rule?

A rule is an authoritative statement that states what is or is not allowed.  The statement establishes the norm for guiding or mandating action of a law or policy. 

Washington Administrative Code (WAC) — Regulations of executive branch agencies are issued by authority of statutes. Like legislation and the Constitution, regulations are a source of primary law in Washington State. The WAC codifies the regulations and arranges them by subject or agency.

What is an Exception to Rule?

Upon written request from a licensed provider or Family, Friend, and Neighbor provider, the department may waive a specific requirement. The department cannot waive a requirement of state law (Revised Code of Washington) or federal law. An exception to rule request must:

  • Be initiated and completed by the provider;
  • Be in writing on the specific department request form:
    • Electronic Attendance System Exception to Rule Request form: Word | PDF
  • Be submitted by a Family, Friend and Neighbor provider, licensee, center director, assistant director, or program supervisor; 
  • Demonstrate that the provider has an alternative method of meeting the intent of the requirement; and
  • Be time limited and may not exceed the specific time period approved by the department.

There are no appeal rights to the denial of an exception request.

Who can I contact?

Providers wanting more information, needing help with the form, or who have questions about the exception to rule process can contact the Electronic Attendance System policy team by phone (360)-725-4685 or email: electronic.attendance@dcyf.wa.gov.

What options should I try first?

  • Can you access KinderConnect on your smartphone and/or tablet? 
    • While a computer or laptop may make it easier to use, providers just need access to the internet to log into KinderConnect to manage their attendance records and account.
  • Do you have a smartphone that can be used as a mobile hotspot?
  • Have you looked into taking computer basics as either a class or online training?
  • Does the parent/guardian have a smartphone to sign the child(ren) in/out?
    • View our Electronic Attendance User Manual on our Training and Support webpage for information on helping families set up KinderSmart.  
  • Have you worked with the sponsor to use Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?
  • Have you looked into a learning lab or technical assistance session for hands-on help?
  • Have you looked into using an approved third party electronic attendance system that does meet your needs?

Application Process

Please complete the following steps to proceed:

  • Complete the Electronic Attendance System Exception to Rule Request form
  • Email it to electronic.attendance@dcyf.wa.gov, or
  • Mail it to Electronic Attendance System, PO Box 40970, Olympia WA 98504

DCYF will review your request and send you a written response with the final decision and your next steps.