Licensed Caregiver Flu Shot Verification Practice Change

The Licensing Division implemented a practice change in August 2021 regarding yearly influenza verification requirements for licensed caregivers caring for medically fragile children or children under the age of 2.

Licensed caregivers are no longer required to submit annual flu shot verification to their licensor; however, it is still the licensed caregiver’s responsibility to ensure that all household members receive and maintain documentation/verification of annual influenza immunizations if caring for children under two or medically fragile.

Families licensed when the influenza immunization is not available will provide proof of current influenza immunization for all household members at the time of their first modification, amendment, or license renewal, as applicable.  Caregivers of medically fragile children or children under two who cannot provide verification and documentation of current influenza vaccination may receive a valid licensing violation, and their license may be modified to an older age range.