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Foster Parent 1624 Consultation Team

Since 2007, “1624” meetings have brought together caregivers and DCYF staff to discuss issues of concern to foster parents. The name “1624” reflects the legislative bill number that created the committee.

These meetings include foster parent representatives elected for a two-year term by other caregivers in their region, elected representatives from the Foster Parent Association of Washington State (FPAWS), and DCYF staff appointed by agency leadership. Regional members also help set dates for consultation meetings to discuss local issues.

Recruitment and Retention Collaboratives (RRC)

Recruitment and Retention Collaboratives (RRC) are quarterly regional gatherings hosted by a Targeted Recruitment Specialist and a child welfare partner. They provide a place to hear about recruitment and retention data and updates and make connections with DCYF staff, child placing agency partners, and community members who are interested in recruitment and retention.

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Kinship Care Oversight Committee (KCOC)

KCOC is a collective of kinship caregivers and community partners that support and strengthen kinship families.

Annual Caregiver Survey

Since 2007, DCYF has annually surveyed foster parents to learn more about their experiences and suggestions for improvements. Responses from kinship caregivers were added in 2019.

The reports offer vital information and point to opportunities to improve, change, and grow certain practices, while other information shows areas needing improvement or changes. Reports are listed by the year they are published.

Survey of Foster Parents and Relative Caregivers in Washington State

FY2023 Survey Report

FY2022 Survey Report

FY2021 Survey Report

FY2020 Survey Report

FY2019 Survey Report

FY2018 Survey Report

FY2017 Survey Report

FY2016 Survey Report

FY2015 Survey Report

FY2014 Survey Report

FY2013 Survey Report

FY2012 Survey Report

FY2011 Survey Report

FY2010 Survey Report (revised 2/28/10)

FY2009 Survey Report

FY2008 Survey Report

FY2007 Survey Report

Comparison Report of 2007, 2008, 2009 Foster Parent Survey Outcomes

Survey of Youth in Foster Care in Washington State

2008 Survey Report