Caregiver Supports Project Update

February 6, 2024

In December 2023, DCYF sent out letters to licensed caregivers informing them of the new caregiver support level determination (Levels 1-7) and the corresponding foster care reimbursement rate for children and youth in their homes.

You will receive this amount of reimbursement for services provided in Jan. in your Feb. 2024 payment from DCYF. If you do not receive the amount indicated in the letter, please contact the Placement Resource Coordinator who’s contact information is listed on the letter to inform them of a discrepancy.

You may have also received a letter or multiple letters from the Social Services Payment System (SSPS) that notified you of a partial payment amount. This was a glitch related to the transition from the four-level rate system to the seven-level caregiver support model. The correct and total reimbursement amount is reflected in the letter from DCYF that includes the caregiver support level determination.

Please see the Payments section of the website for resources about caregiver payments and dates of DCYF Zoom sessions. The sessions are open to any caregivers who would like assistance signing up for Direct Deposit or the Provider Portal or who have questions about invoicing and payments.

Please visit the Caregiver Supports Project website for the most up to date information about the project:

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