Caregiver Recruitment Team Requesting Community Feedback

Happy Summer to all! The Targeted Recruitment Specialists (TRS) have been busy throughout the state and continue to educate and encourage families to participate with children experiencing foster care.

TRS has participated in in-person and virtual events, including Pride events, Farmers Markets, School events, and building relationships with community partners abroad. As a collaborative, we hope to continue building partnerships and growing resources in all of our communities.

We need your help! As community experts, we are asking for your guidance in building a solid foundation and identifying community outreach strategies. Please feel free to connect with the Targeted Recruitment Specialist in your region and share your ideas! We are excited to hear from you and look forward to learning from our communities.

A map of DCYF’s regions can be found on this page. Find your regional targeted recruitment specialist below:

Region One

Carissa Stone

Region Two

Gabriela Mendez

Region Three

Angelia Etter

Region Four

John Gonzales

Region Five

Yolonda Marzest

Region Six

Chisana White