Easier Access for Foster Youth Services Beyond 18

June 12, 2024

As of June 6, a new law will allow all foster youth ages 18 to 21 to receive extended foster care services if they agree to engage with the Extended Foster Care (EFC) program.

Previously, youth were required to be enrolled in high school or a high school equivalency program, post-secondary academic or vocational program, working 80 hours per month or be medically exempt to participate. Eliminating these eligibility requirements allows for more youth to receive critical assistance regardless of their future plans.

Services may include:

  • Foster Care placement or Supervised Independent living setting placement (shared living, apartment, college dormitory)
  • Medical (including mental health) and Dental
  • Transitional Living services (if available)
  • Case management by DCYF
  • Referrals to community resources (as appropriate)

Learn more by visiting the EFC webpage. To be a part of this program, youth must talk to their worker or call 1-866-END-HARM (1-866-363-4276).