Empower Social Workers This March

March 15, 2024

Every March, during Social Work Month, the nation celebrates the compassionate individuals that work daily, face to face, with our communities. This year’s theme is, "Empowering Social Workers” highlighting the importance of supporting and showing appreciation for people in this profession.

Thank you to the social workers who:

  • Keep children safe
  • Empower foster youth
  • Support parents in sobriety
  • Assist families in reunification
  • Lend an empathetic ear
  • Learn and honor family cultures
  • Genuinely care about the families they serve

Read more about DCYF caseworkers and their efforts to help children, youth, and families thrive.

If you would like to recognize a caseworker who has made an impact on you or the children and youth we serve, email dcyf.recognition@dcyf.wa.gov.