Foster Care Liaisons Available

With schools closed the rest of the academic year, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) would like to remind parents and caregivers that foster care liaisons are still available.

Find your local liaison by visiting the OSPI website.  

Some additional supports available to students, include:

  • Treehouse – The Education Advocates are in regular contact with school and students. If a youth on your caseload needs a phone or tablet to continue with an on-line educational program, Treehouse may be able to help with this.
  • Individualized Education Program – IEPs are still being developed and reviewed. Districts are required to offer the same services to their Special Education and IEP students throughout this pandemic. These services will vary by district.  The Foster Care Liaisons can help caregivers and parents participate in IEP meetings and ensure the child’s needs are met.
  • Some districts can provide Language Link supports for families/students for whom English is not their first language to enable them utilize the educational resources.