Immunizations, Check-Ups and Sports Physicals

Did you know that because of childhood immunizations, diseases like polio are almost gone in the United States?  And now is a great time to make sure kids have the immunizations they need, before heading back to school.

All youth in the Apple Health Core Connections (AHCC) Program are covered for no-cost well-child check-ups annually, or more often if needed. Well-child check-ups can also take the place of a sports physical for kids playing school sports. Simply ask the doctor to do a well-child/EPSDT.

EPSDT stands for Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment. These visits provide preventive healthcare services for children under age 21 enrolled in Medicaid. EPSDT is key to insuring that children and youth receive proper preventive, dental, mental health and developmental and specialty services.*

Need immunization records for children in your care? Need help finding a primary care provider? We can help!  Call 1-844-354-9876, press 2. Or email and ask for care coordination.