Miguel’s Journey to Adoption

Miguel came into care in October 2015. After 13 placements and one disrupted pre-adoptive placement, he found his forever family and was adopted this summer.

After Miguel’s pre-adoptive placement was disrupted, locating another pre-adoptive placement for an 11-year-old was challenging. A family was located and they made it very clear from the beginning that they were not an adoptive home. Miguel’s caseworker respected that, placed him in the home, and continued to recruit a forever family, as it was his desire to be adopted. After 10 months in his current placement, his foster family let us know they wanted to adopt Miguel. The family is so bonded to him and this news filled the hearts of both Miguel and his caseworker.

Miguel let us know that he could not have found a better family to call his own. His adoption was finalized in July. Miguel has changed his entire name and feels this will give him a new beginning with his forever family. There could not have been a happier ending to this story for Miguel.