Kinship Licensing Process and Home Studies

We are committed to placing children and youth with kinship caregivers!

Kinship caregivers have two options:

  • Get licensed as a foster parent
  • Complete a home study

We encourage you to get licensed because you’ll be completing most of the steps by getting a home study, and licensing comes with the most ongoing financial support and resources that DCYF can provide.

In July 2023, DCYF began processing initial licenses for relative and suitable other (kinship) caregivers. An initial license is available to kin who pass minimal requirements when a child is first placed in their home. The initial license allows kinship caregivers to receive basic foster care reimbursement payments for up to 90 days while completing the full kinship license requirements. Kin are not eligible for an initial license if placement was made through a voluntary placement agreement.

Review the Initial Licensing Process resource.

Steps to Become a Licensed Caregiver

Please let your assigned worker know if you need help or if you cannot meet any requirement.

People caring for a child or youth under Tribal jurisdiction should contact their Tribal caseworker for more information about getting licensed.