DCYF Recruitment and Retention Efforts Underway

Recruitment and Retention Collaborative (RRC) meetings have been launched this past summer. The RRC serves as a way for DCYF to connect with internal and external stakeholders, including child welfare and licensing division staff, private agencies, tribal partners, and foster care affiliated non-profits.

As we grow the RRC, DCYF hopes to keep recruitment and retention efforts creative, data-driven, and responsive to the community's needs.(Pictured: FPAWS Walk Me Home Event Tacoma, WA August 2021.)

We look forward to creating new connections, fostering existing partnerships, and growing recruitment efforts and community building on behalf of our children and youth experiencing foster care.

Contact your region's Targeted Recruitment Specialist with questions, feedback, and recruitment opportunities in your area.

A map of DCYF's regions can be found on this page. Find your regional targeted recruitment specialist below:

Region 1 | Carissa Stone |carissa.stone@dcyf.wa.gov | 509-828-3019

Region 2 | Gabriela Mendez |Gabriela.Mendez@dcyf.wa.gov | 509-407-7829

Region 3 | Angelia Etter |angelia.etter@dcyf.wa.gov | 360-899-6769

Region 4 | John Gonzales |John.Gonzales@dcyf.wa.gov | 206-308-6802

Region 5 | Yolonda Marzest |yolonda.marzest@dcyf.wa.gov | 253-306-1311

Region 6 | Chisana White |chisana.white@dcyf.wa.gov | 360-787-6182