Summer Camp Policy

June 12, 2024

DCYF will review requests for dependent children and youth placed in both in-home and in out-of-home care to:

  • Attend camp and/or
  • DCYF to pay for camps to support their participation in normal childhood activities.

Caregivers can arrange and independently approve for children or youth to attend day camp or overnight camps under 72 hours if they are not requesting DCYF to pay for the camp.

DCYF has an approval process for any camps that require DCYF payment or overnight camps more than 72 hours.

Caregivers who are interested in arranging camp opportunities for children or youth in their care should contact their assigned caseworker. For overnight camps, DCYF has to verify that the camps have appropriate safety protocols. This requires additional time, and these requests should be made early.

Additional information can be found in the policy.

If you have questions about this policy, email Michelle Hetzel.