Treehouse Offers Driver’s Assistance for Foster Youth

Treehouse is offering reimbursement to foster youth when they obtain a Washington State I.D. (standard or enhanced), instructional/learner’s permit and driver’s licenses (standard or enhanced).  

Additionally, Treehouse will provide direct payments to vendors for:

  • Driver’s education (up to $500).
  • Knowledge and driving tests (including use of school car).
  • Missed drive fees.
  • Practice sessions.
  • Auto insurance (service is currently at capacity).

To apply, visit the Treehouse website. Caseworkers must complete and submit:

  • DSHS 11-077 Request for Washington State Identicard.
  • DSHS 16-029 Reduced fee for Request for Washington State Identicard.
  • DSHS 02-636  Request for Washington State Instruction Permit or Personal Driver License.

If you have any questions, email or call 206-267-5161.