Legal Assistance for Clients of Juvenile Rehabilitation


Program: Legal Services for Youth

Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) Institutions and Reentry Project

Youth served by JR can receive legal services from TeamChild for no fee.

TeamChild often provides advice and help on issues like these:

  • Conditions of Confinement: if a youth feels like there is something unfair or wrong with the way they are being treated while incarcerated in a JR institution or community facility
  • Post-disposition: if a youth feels like something was wrong with their trial or sentence
    • Sentence Clarification
    • Sex Offender Registration
    • Restitution and other Legal Financial Obligations
    • Juvenile Record Sealing
    • Appeals
    • Clemency
  • Individual Rights: if a youth feels like there is a legal barrier to their success or needs a lawyer to understand and exercise their rights
    • Immigration
    • Family law/paternity
    • Name Change
  • Reentry Transition: if a youth needs help preparing and planning for release from JR
    • Housing
    • Employment
    • Public Benefits
    • Medicaid
    • Foster Care and Extended Foster Care
  • Education:  if a youth wants help getting access to education and instruction or needs more tailored and specialized educational support.

How To Get Help:

Anyone can make a request for TeamChild services on behalf of a youth at JR. We accept referrals by telephone and by e-mail.

Record Sealing

Every young person leaving Juvenile Rehabilitation has an opportunity to receive legal assistance sealing their juvenile record if certain criteria is met.

How To Get Help:

Resources for Youth who have Sexually Offended

The following fact sheets are provided by the Washington State Sex Offender Policy Board:

Failure to Register for Adult and Juvenile Sex and Kidnapping Offenses 
Obtaining Relief from Sex or Kidnapping Offender Registration 
Sealing of the Record of Conviction - Juveniles Adjudicated of Sex or Kidnapping Offenses 
Traveling Requirements for Adult and Juvenile Registered Sex or Kidnapping Offenders