Child Outcome Summary (COS)

The purpose of Washington’s Child Outcome Measurement System (COMS) is to assure stakeholders that early intervention makes a difference for infants, toddlers and families. Families are a crucial source of information about their children, and this enhances the quality of the data. The COMS is one way for families to see their child’s progress and to give input on program improvements. The data is analyzed at state and local levels to help improve services and meet federal and state reporting requirements.

COS Materials for Providers

Child Outcome Summary Decision Tree (Entry): English | Spanish

Child Outcome Summary Decision Tree (Exit): English | Spanish

Descriptor Statements

Maryland COS Rating Prep Tool

ECO Note-Taking Document and Prompts

COSF Discussion Prompts


COS Review Sheet

COS Materials for Families

Child Outcome Summary Family Preparation Worksheet: English | Spanish

Family Outcomes Brochure: English | Spanish

Engaging Families in the COS – Parent Handout

COS Training Materials

Engaging Families in the Child Outcome Summary (COS) Process Practice Guide

Summary of Functional Performance Practice Guide

Required COS Training Modules

Selecting a COS Descriptor Statement Using the Decision Tree – Recorded Training

Age Anchoring Guidance for Determining COS Ratings

Child Outcomes Summary process in new ESIT DMS