Canyon View Community Facility

Canyon View Community Facility


Jodie McCallum, Administrator

Canyon View Community Facility
260 N. Georgia Avenue
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

(509) 886-6283

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Canyon View Community Facility is located in East Wenatchee.  The focus of Canyon View is to successfully transition youth back into the community by providing individual treatment, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills acquisition and generalization, a variety of educational, vocational and employment opportunities and support for family reintegration.    Youth have the opportunity to participate in regular educational programming both on-site and on campus at Eastmont High School as well as Wenatchee Valley College. Vocational training programs through Skills Center and Skills Source are available as well. Opportunity for employment in the community is also offered.

Youth have many opportunities to be in the community to participate in shopping, recreation, field trips, local community activities, family visits including earning community involvement passes to go out in the community with family.

Canyon View staff work with families and supportive others to successfully transition youth back to their community upon release.

Information for Parents, Guardians, and Family

Every youth residing at Canyon View has an assigned counselor who serves as the youth’s case manager.  Counselors work with the youth to assess their needs and provide appropriate treatment.  Treatment options cover a wide variety of areas including interpersonal skills training, anger replacement training, and others.  Some of this treatment will occur during counseling sessions with the case manager, while others will occur in a specialized setting.


Visitation is scheduled in advance by calling the facility prior to the visit. Most visitation occurs on weekends, however weekday visiting is available upon request.

Reentry and Transition

Parents, guardians, and family members are invited to be present for all reentry planning meetings and are considered part of the team that builds the reentry plan for their youth.  The goal of reentry is to build a plan that returns the youth to their home community in a way that meets their needs for school, work, and living arrangements.

Youth released from a community facility may or may not have a parole obligation.  JR currently provides parole services to about half of the youth who they serve.  Your counselor can tell you if your child will be on parole.

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